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Top 11 Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

Learn the signs of a functioning alcoholic

There is a common misconception that all alcoholics don't have jobs, drink all day, and live on the streets as filthy beggars. The stereotypical alcoholic who spends all day at a pub or sitting on a street corner drinking from a cheap bottle hidden by a paper bag is the image most people bring to... Read More →

Codeine Withdrawal Symptoms

Codeine Withdrawal Symptoms

About Codeine Withdrawal Symptoms

Codeine withdrawal symptoms can really hurt. There is no need to suffer by yourself, however. There are facilities that can help you take control of your life once again. With the help of trained professionals, you can overcome the ... Read More →

Heroin Overdose Symptoms

Heroin Overdose Symptoms

Stay informed: Medical help is needed immediately after the appearance of heroin overdose symptoms

Heroin addiction is a complex disease that can be fatal if not addressed in time. It not only ruins a person’s life when it comes ... Read More →

Indianapolis Opiate Addiction Treatment

Indianapolis Opiate Addiction Treatment

Find out what Indianapolis Opiate Addiction Treatment centers can offer you

Anyone can become addicted to opiates, especially patients who abuse their opioid medications. Opiates are highly addictive drugs that can negatively impact the brain of the user by altering brain functions. This problem contributes to the difficulty that many opi... Read More →

Indianapolis Addiction Centers

Indianapolis Addiction Centers

Struggling with Addiction? Learn About Recovery Options Offered by Indianapolis Addiction Centers         

While Indiana is well known for its motor speedway and other sporting events, the emergent need for ... Read More →

Women’s Drug Rehab in Indianapolis

women drug rehab in indianapolis Although research agencies like Harvard Medical School have reported that men are more susceptible to addiction than women, they've also reported studies that demonstrate how women are more vulnerable to health risks associated with addiction than men. In fact, when it comes to alcoholism, women are more likely to die from liver disease than men. Y... Read More →

Intervention and Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis

intervention and addiction treatment in indianapolis Indianapolis addiction intervention programs are crucial for families of drug addicts who aren’t seeking professional help. It can be very difficult to see someone you love go through the turmoil of addiction, especially when they don't see a need to change. Addiction intervention is a way in which a person can be made aware of the scope of their... Read More →

Indianapolis Alcoholism Treatment

indianapolis alcoholism treatment A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry has shed new light on the problems of excessive alcohol use -- and the results are far from pretty. That study found that nearly one-third of American adults engage in some form of problem drinking. That is a much higher rate of alcohol abuse than some past studies have found - and definitely a cause for ... Read More →

Indianapolis Addiction Treatment

indianapolis addiction treatment Indianapolis addiction treatment centers provide programs for people suffering from Percocet addiction. Like other opiates, Percocet is a narcotic pain reliever. Combining ingredients like oxycodone and acetaminophen, Percocet can often be the best solution for patients suffering from debilitating and chronic pain conditions. But while opiates may ... Read More →

Suboxone Trafficking Gets Indianapolis Woman Arrested

suboxone indianapolis in Jail guards in Pendleton have caught an Indianapolis woman using books to smuggle Suboxone to her boyfriend in prison. A guard thought one of the books looked suspicious, so he cut it open and found strips of the drug inside. Rebek... Read More →